M249 SAW Minimi Paintball Gun:

M249 SAW Minimi Paintball Gun:

Ok all you gamers out there - here's the M249 Saw - also known as the Minimi - the squad support weapon of choice for all modern special forces. Small, compact but with devastating fire-power from its 200 round box mag, its become a legend in modern real-time action and on-line - so we figured its time to create one for scenario paintballing! We take an Empire paintball gun, then heavily machine it to take a unique side-feed system coupled to a modified Halo Paintball loader housed inside an ammo box attached to side of the 30 cal. The body is made from 5mm and 10mm aircraft grade aluminium and has a Rampage select fire electronic trigger correctly located at the rear of the gun.

***please note - pictures and video show the pre-production version - all M249 Saws will come with the black abs solid rear stock as the para version is just a pain in the butt to create!!!

M249 Saw Paintball Gun Spec:

real-gun M249 SAW Minimi Paintball Gun:

inc. regular top feed, Halo Too loader and air system.


real-gun M249 SAW Minimi Paintball Gun:

inc. side box loader and air system.


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