Deactivated Long Lee Enfield by BSA complete with kit:

Deactivated Long Lee Enfield .303 by BSA complete with Bayonet and scabbard:

The Long Lee Enfield - the first really recognisable modern bolt action rifle, it was the replacement for the Martini .577, offering 10 .303 rounds in the detachable mag, though they were usually loaded by stripper clip from the top. This one is made by BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) and undated but the features out it at 1900 and the butt plate is marked if you want to sit down with a couple of reference books you could figure out its history. The rifle is excellent original condition and even retains its bolt shield (for keeping out dirt), great period woodwork and good finish to the metalwork and it has its front volley sight intact but has lost its rear. As you would expect it strips, cocks and dry fires and comes complete with deactivation certificate.

Deactivated Long Lee Enfield .303 By BSA, bolt shield intact, bayonet and scabbard:


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