Blank firing guns - only real deal black blank firing guns here!

Here we have a selection of blank firing guns available to purchase here in the UK to customers who qualify under the VCR act (please see below). All of our Blank Firing Guns are quality black metal and wood guns and all top discharge in line with UK laws - European customers looking for blank firing guns please contact us direct.

***Please note - the VCR act covers our black blank hiring guns (other sites sell two tone bright guns but thats not really our thing) so: cannot sell these to just anyone - only people who can prove the need to have one can be supplied - club members, re-enactors, military vehicle owners, dog trainers, movie/film makers etc. who are over 18 are fine to purchase these blank firing guns - all we ask is that when purchasing please send us via e-mail or post a copy of your registration card or letter of membership or details. ***All of our blank firers are top discharge in line with UK law***

For example, if you are a member of the MVT (military Vehicle Trust) then in the eyes of the law it is acceptable that you may want to have a Garand on show with your Rio - we just need the a copy of the card or membership letter - easy!

***Online Payments - from March `22 there are new enhanced security measures being brought in accross the UK with online card payments - if you have any issues please call/text us direct on 07935067654***

8mm Blank firing Colt 1911:

Blank firing 8mm Colt 1911, brand new in box:

Here`s a top quality Italian made Colt 1911 8mm blank firer. The fit and finish is excellent and its a 100% recreation of the real thing (though its fit is rather better, the real thing is a bit...loose...). Brand new in its box with cleaning rod and instructions - VCR applies.

Italian 8mm blank firing Colt 1911, brand new and rather awesome:


In Stock ***copy of your driver license required before shipping***

8mm and 9mm Blank firing Glock 17:

8mm Gen 1 and 9mm blank firing Glock 17 gen 4 in box:

Strange thing with blank firing Glocks is that they really do feel and weigh the same as the real thing - the use of composite frames and modern production techniques makes the blank firing version just abou identical in every way. 2 choices of model, Italian made Glock 17 gen 1 in 8mm (comes in real Glock case witha spare mag) and Turkish made big 9mm PAK semi auto, brand spanking new in the box with cleaning rod and instructions - VCR applies.

Blank firing Glock 17 gen 1 and gen 4:

Gen 4 9mm £275 In Stock

Gen 1 8mm £295 All Gone

In Stock ***copy of your driver license required before shipping***

Please contact us by clicking here to discuss your requirements or call us on 07935 067654.

9mm Pak Blank firing Browning Hi Power clone and 8mm GP Browning Hi Power:

8mm and 9mm Blank firing Browning Hi Power clone, finish is high quality blued, alas the grips are a bit modern looking but are full wrap around so can`t be swopped, still, great to have a source of blank firing Hi powers again! Also in stock is the rare 8mm GP version made in the late `80`s, its a faithfull copy on the special forces mk3 Browning Hi Power in 8mm blank ***VCR Applies - copy of driving license required on purchasing***.

9mm £275

8mm GP £475 ***GONE***

In Stock

9mm Blank firing revolvers:

9mm Blank firing revolvers:

Here`s a couple of really nice big 9mm revolvers to choose from, first up is a very good quality 9mm Smith and Wesson 4", The second is the black gripped Colt Python clone, again, full size and very good quality with blued finish. ***VCR***

Smith and Wesson 4" £275 In Stock

Colt Python £275 In Stock

Beretta 92FS pistol - 8mm Blank Firing and 8mm Sig 2022:

The classic big Beretta 92fs imortalised by the Lethal Weapon movies and US Military, these are as new Italian Bruni 8mm blank firing versions, or, for something just a bit more modern, go ofr the 9mm Pak Sig 2022, also as new in box - VCR applies.

Beretta 92fs - £225

Sig 2022 - £255

In Stock ***copy of your driver license required before shipping***

Please contact us by clicking here to discuss your requirements or call us on 07935 067654.

9mm Blank firing Beretta 84:

9mm blank firing Beretta 84, black or silver, your choice:

Now here`s a slinky little beast - the compact Beretta 84, packing the same whack as the other 9mm`s, just more compact. The satin silver finished beretta 84 compact 9mm blank firer, made in Turkey, brand new condition, the black version is made by German powerhouse Weirhauch and is their HW84 9mm blank firier.

9mm blank firing Beretta 85, cool looking satin silver beast :

Silver - £225

Black - £295

***SOLD*** ***copy of your driver license required before shipping***

Please contact us by clicking here to discuss your requirements or call us on 07935 067654.

8mm Blank firing Walther P38:

8mm Blank firing Bruni P38 in case:

Its been a while since we had a blank firing P38 as the supply of Bruni 8mm`s just dried up, but here`s an as new example in its case, never been fired so spot on.

Bruni 8mm P38 blank firier in case, as new:


In Stock ***copy of your driver license required before shipping***

Shipping is for UK mainland - for Europe please contact us by clicking for further details or questions about this item Please contact us by clicking or call 07935 067654

8mm and 9mm blank firing 50 cal Desert Eagle:

Blank firing 9mm calibre Desert Eagle - massive piece:

Just Epic! A big, all metal 9mm balank firing Desert Eagle 50 cal. Two choices, 9mm PAK blank firer in the 9mm size or the older Bruni made full size monster in 8mm. This one is in great condition, weighs a ton like the real thing and has a great action, super rare item, third option is a mega rare Hudson plug fire shell ejector, comes in original case with instructions and a few shells, this is made of metal and abs, loads and ejcts shells, super cool and rare.

Blank firing 8 and 9mm Desert Eagle 50 cal, huge and intimidating!

9mm £295

8mm £445 In Stock

In Stock ***copy of your driver license required before shipping***

please contact us by clicking here to discuss your requirements or call us on 07935 067654.

Plug Fire blang firers - rebuildable blank firing shell ejectors from Japan in the early `80`s - seriously cool, check out this video (not our video but you`ll get the idea...
***Click here for the full Plugfire range***

Deactivated guns

SMG Replica M16 plug fire and m4 and m4a2 plug fire:

SMG plug fire replica Colt m16 and m4 and m4a2:

Now we just love early `80`s MGC/SMG replicas, built under license from Colt, here`s the full size SMG M16 and M4 and M4a2 plug fire - loads, fires and ejects rebuildable blank shells (comes with a few shells which is a real bonus as they are hard to find). 100% accurate replicas, strips, cocks and dry fires as per the real thing and loads/ejects shells and fires the rebuildable plug fire blank shells if you can get the plugs.

Replica SMG Colt m16 with period sling, shell ejecting plug fire model:

M16 £695 In Stock

M4 £795 In Stock

M4a2 10 £795 ***GONE***

In Stock

please contact us by clicking here to discuss your requirements or call us on 07935 067654.

9mm PAK Blank firing Walther PPK clone:

Balnk firing Walther PPK re-creation in 9mm Pak:

Now this beautifully made Walther PPK recreation packs a big bang - 9mm PAK, quite a whallop for a PPK. Excellent blued finish, comes in case with instructions and is in as new condition. ***VCR***


In Stock

All our Prices include VAT at 20% where required - but please note that deactivated guns are technically second hand items so VAT is not applied.

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Here at we try to get things right first time - but, being a bit crap sometimes, we do screw things up - if in any doubt please contact us - if we get a price wrong or are out of stock we will contact you immediately - many thanks.

Please note - all our items will require an authorised signature on delivery.

We list details of our current stock by batch - due to our high turnover of the most popular models - so the images and descriptions fit that model, though there may be slight variations in stock grain/colour and metal condition - please bare in mind that some of the de-ac guns are almost 100 years old!

Deactivated Guns and the law: cannot sell deactivated guns to anyone under the age of 18. Though are not required to store this in a gun safe it is advised you store them in you dwelling, preferably in a locked cupboard. When transporting de-acs please keep them in out of site, preferably in a gun bag. Be sensible - don`t mount a .50 cal on the roof of your Jeep and take a drive - its fine on private land at shows but given the current climate please do not stress our Police any more than they currently are!

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