Replica Drum Mag Thompson SMG "Tommy Gun":

For all 30`s gangsters our there, your must-have weapon has got to be the drum-mag Thompson. Deac Drum Mag Thompsons are through the roof, so grab yourself an all metal, cock and dry firing rplica instead!

Replica Drum Mag Tommy gun - the `30`s gangsters dream...:

£199 ***Darn, sold out***

Due to the VCR act we will require proof of your need of this item - membership no., re-enactment group details, theatre/play details - that sort of thing - if in doubt please contact us by clicking here to discuss your requirements or call us on 07935 067654.

Replica Drum Mag Thompson SMG "Tommy Gun"

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Replica Guns and the law:

Before you buy a replica gun, has to do its duty and remind you of the VCR act and replica weapons:

Aside from early Western replca guns which are not covered, the VCR (Violent Crime Reduction Act) bill limited the supply of Replica Guns to the public. cannot sell these to just anyone - only people who can prove the need to have one can be supplied - club members, re-enactors, military vehicle owners etc. who are over 18 are fine to purchase these replca guns - all we ask is that when purchasing please send us via e-mail or post a copy of your registration card or letter of membership.

For example, if you are a member of the MVT (military Vehicle Trust - ) then in the eyes of the law it is acceptable that you may want to have a Garand on show with your Rio - we just need the a copy of the card or membership letter - easy!

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