Deactivated Lee Enfield No.4 WW2

Ah, the .303, rifle of choice in the days when you wanted to shoot your enemy once from 500 meters away and have them not get up! It seems our current top-brass are keen to see this sort of firepower back in the hands of our troops - though maybe not bolt actioned!. First issued in 1941 the Lee Enfield number 4 rifle was the pinnacle of the combat bolt action rifle, performing better than any other weapon in its class, both in WWII and well into this century. They can still be seen in India, the Gulf states and in Afghanistan and Africa. The Afghan Mujahideen fighters favoured the Number 4 because they could sit well out of range of the soviet patrols and happily kill them at their leisure!

Lee Enfield No4 WW2 Dated

Around £450 - please check the examples below:

One to buy - British no.4 by Fazakerley:

Deactivated Lee Enfield No.4* WW2 1942 by Fazakerley (north Liverpool):

Heres a beauty - a British 1942 Lee Enfield no.4 by Fazakerley (north Liverpool). Great, original, dark woodwork with plenty of good patina and a couple of well done battlefield repairs, good metalwork plus matching numbers on the bolt/breach and barrel - strips, cocks and dry fires, mag ejects - a nice piece of history in excellent period condition! Comes with correct UK certificate of deactivation.

Britisg Lee Enfield No4 by Fazakerley (north Liverpool), 1942, matching numbers:


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One to buy - British no.4 by Enfield:

Deactivated Lee Enfield No.4 Skeleton cutaway:

Heres a great demonstration/training tool - a genuine wartime no.4 thats been cutaway in key areas to show the parts in action - perfect for the collector ar re-enactor who gives talks/demonstraions!

Lee Enfield No4 skeleton cutaway:


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British Lee Enfield No.4 WW2 1942 by Fazakerley (north Liverpool):

Here we have a beauty - an all-original Enfield no.4 with Excellent all matching original hard maple (you have to feel the weight of the thing...) woodwork (including the top plates) - British made by Fazakerley (quite rare for a no.4). Excellent condition with some patina, Bristish No.4`s like this are very thin on the ground at the moment - strips, cocks and dry fires - stunning! Comes with correct UK deactivation certificate (nice early 1996 date of deactivation) and white sling (not keen on the sling - dye it or bin it???)

British Lee Enfield No4 WW2, maple stock and questionable sling:

£465 ***SOLD***

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Deactivated Lee Enfield No.4

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