Browning 50 cal Paintball Gun

Browning 50 cal M2 HB (heavy Barrel) - the worlds longest serving and finest heavy machine gun - period. Developed at the end of WW1 using captured Mauser anti-tank ammo, John Moses Browning did what he did best and created the Browning 50 cal - a slight update in the early `30s saw the introduction of the M2HB and a legend was born. In production continously since 1921, its the worlds longest serving machine gun - also the worlds most accurate with a creditted kill at over 2 and a half miles in Vietnam - just plain awesome! Here at we looked at other 50 cal recreations and came to the conclusion they just wern`t good enough - huge loaders sticking up on top, lumps of metal stcuk on in the wrong area and pneumatics sticking out - so we deveoloped our own, in house Browning 50 cal Paintball Gun.
We take an Empire paintball gun, then heavily machine it to take a unique side-feed system coupled to a modified Halo Paintball loader housed inside an ammo box attached to side of the 50 cal. The body is made from 5mm and 10mm aircraft grade alluminium and has a Rampage select fire electronic trigger correctly located at the rear of the gun. Just check out the video:

Browning 50 cal Paintball Gun Spec:

All Metal/Wood Parts - No Plastic
Genuine 30 & 50 cal tripods available
Empire Paintball Gun with Halo Loader and Rampage Electronic trigger
Unique side feed allows for over-the-gun use of 50 cal sites
Gas blow-back operation - up to 12 shots per second
1 to 1 scale - feels and handles as the real thing!

real-gun Browning 50 cal Paintball Gun:
Inc. built-in loader, Remote and Air system,

Add a genuine 30cal tripod for £225

Add a genuine 50cal tripod for £555

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We currently stock both Browning .30 cal paintball guns and the increadible Browning M2 .50 cal heavy machine gun - but we also make to order (please allow 6 weeks):

Browning twin 30 cal Anti Aircraft Set up
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browning 30 cal paintball gun

Browning 50 cal Paintball Gun

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